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Helping Hands are here to help at home with those chores you find difficult to do yourself. Our aim is to keep you in your own home, where you feel most comfortable for as long as possible. Our team of professional carers are here to assist you, as an affordable alternative to a residential care home.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on our family values and are passionate about what we do. By continually asking “Is this good enough for MY mum” we make every effort to improve. These values run from the top to the bottom of our company. You decide what you need, when you need it.

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Care services can include…

Personal care, including bathing, washing, dressing and continence management
Re-enablement packages
Palliative care/End of life care
Rapid response care
Respite care
Sleep-in/night time care
Social Care and day care
Domestic chores

Creating a care plan for your needs

A Care Plan is simply a document that details, what you need assistance with, how you would like that assistance given and when it is given

What is a care plan

Frequently asked questions about Helping Hands care

As we get older, we become more settled in our surroundings and sudden upheavals and challenges become less appealing. Moving into a Care home can be a scary option for most people, the thought of sharing living space with strangers, being regimented to fixed meal times with a limited menu choice, being told its bath time when today you really don’t feel like it for an hour or two.

Domiciliary Care gives you the opportunity to stay in your own home and make the decisions of what you want to do and when. Being in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your belongings will be less stressful which in turn will give you peace of mind.

Our Personal Home Carers can visit daily for all those tasks that are starting to become difficult, so if you’re happy doing your own cooking but struggle to get to the shops or happy to bathe/shower but struggle to dress we can help without taking your independence away. We can help with any activity that allows you to maintain both your independence and quality of life. Our visits can be from 15 minutes just to check you are ok and had your medication through to a few hours to take you out for coffee or a walk in the park.

Call for an informal chat about your needs and what we can do to help 01653 498007

Domiciliary Care is for anyone who wishes to stay living in their own home and requires a little help doing so. This can include convalescence, recuperation, or rehabilitation. We work closely with other areas of the medical profession including Doctors, District Nurses and Occupational Therapists so whether its Palliative Care, Disability Care, Dementia Care or just companionship we can ensure your needs are met. 

It is often difficult to acknowledge that it is time to ask for help, sometimes its pride that gets in the way, but we believe it is important for you to be able to remain in your own home and our Personal Home Carers can help maintain your independence and dignity.  

Our Personal Home Carers can help with:

  • Personal care – Toilet support, changing incontinence pads stoma bags and empty catheters 
  • Showering, bathing, strip washes and bed baths 
  • Medicine – Collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy, ordering new prescriptions, and reminding you to take them. 
  • Meals – Everything from the shopping, assisting with the menu, preparation and serving of a meal.  We will also keep an eye on your hydration levels. 
  • Dressing – Morning/evening routines, getting dressed/undressed, shaving and cleaning teeth. 

All our Personal Home Carers go through a two-day office-based induction course which includes all the mandatory training before they go out on the road. They then will shadow a senior team member for up to two weeks so that they are confident to be able to visit clients in their homes. Over the next twelve weeks they will be expected to have completed all the fifteen modules of Care Certificate which is the minimum requirement to work in this industry and then over the following twelve months they will have more specialised training to complete. 

Call for an informal chat about your needs and what we can do to help 01653 498007 

Accepting that it is time to ask for a little help or support can be difficult. It may be some support with some physical tasks such as housework or some personal care following a spell in hospital, whatever your needs are, whether its one visit a week or four visits a day we can help. Its not as arduous as you may think. 

In the first instance give us a call. Our team speaks to lots of families every week, understanding their needs and situation. They will organise for the Registered Manager or Assistant Manager to visit you in your home for an informal chat about how we may be able to help. Although not essential you will be encouraged to invite a family member or close friend to the meeting to help you. During the meeting, the Registered Manager will make some notes of what you say to enable her to put together your individual Care Plan. This is also your chance to ask any questions you may have about us or alleviate any fears you may have about asking for help.

So, whether you simply require just a few weeks of one visit a day to help with dressing whilst you convalesce, or you are thinking about your long term needs we can build your Care Plan around it. The Registered Manager will take the time to try and get to know the real YOU, all your likes and dislikes this will help with matching the right Personal Home Carers to you. Your individual Care Plan is an ever-evolving document that changes as your needs change. At the meeting we will discuss all the costs involved and explain how your Care may be funded by local authority or Continuing Healthcare (CHC). All our costs will be disclosed in full with no hidden charges so you will know exactly what you are paying for and how much. Our Smart technology system monitors all your visits so you are only charged for the time your Personal Home Carer is there. 

 Call for an informal chat about your needs and what we can do to help 01653 498007 

Many families choose domiciliary care over going into a Care Home because it puts them in charge over when and how your Care is given. Some families see Care homes as a safe environment where there is constant access to support, and do not think about the regimented process of getting 10 or 20 residents up and showered and sat for breakfast by 8am. This is where Care in your own home plays its part. 

You choose the level of support you need and how we deliver it, so you get one-to-one personal attention whether that is four times a day or just once a week for thirty minutes. As one of the best domiciliary care companies in the area, we pride ourselves in creating the perfect care plan for you, each plan is tailormade specifically for your needs and wants, all your routines, such as the time you like to get up and go to bed, whether you prefer a main meal at lunchtime or in the evening are all taken into account. This care plan is created by you, we just take the details and make it happen. 

Call for an informal chat about your needs and what we can do to help 01653 498007 

Its important for you to have a clear picture of what cost are involved and how that can be funded. Every care package is different, that’s why we take the time to understand our clients and how we can best arrange your package completely around you, your needs and your budget.

When you arrange an initial meeting all options will be discussed, such as if you are entitled to any funding from Health & Adult Services (HAS) this can be either arranged through them or by what is known as Direct Payments. In either of these cases you will need a financial assessment from HAS and they will set the funding according to your needs, this may mean you would be required to ‘top’ this up with a contribution but they will look after the payment of invoices for you. If you chose the Direct Payment option they will give you the funds to pay for your Care while you or a nominated person will need to manage this account. The Direct Payment option gives you more flexibility as you get to choose how and when you spend your budget.

If you don’t fit into either category above then private funding of your care package will be required. We have a clear and up-front pricing structure with NO hidden costs, that means, NO agency fees, NO set-up fees and NO long notice periods.

Call for an informal chat about your needs and what we can do to help 01653 498007

“I really don’t know what I would do without the girls from Helping Hands. They are all so helpful. Chatting with them makes me feel young again and not tied to my house.”

Jill from Coxwold

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